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McLane Creek Nature Trail, Olympia, Washington

4 Dec

We went on a quick trip to Seattle/Olympia to see my dad for Thanksgiving.  It snowed before we got there and we were lucky enough to see snow on the ground before Thanksgiving!

Even with the snow, I knew that I needed to make sure to go to my favorite little hike in Olympia, McLane Creek Nature Trail.  This short, relatively flat hike (about two miles) winds across a few beaver ponds, crosses McLane Creek (or ‘crick’ as my dad likes to say), and has loads of boardwalks and bridges to cross.   My sister, brother and I love this hike and always try to do it when we go home.

The air was cold and wet but the kids didn’t complain at all.  Grandpa was the only one grumbling about the adventure.

I had to beg him to get bundled up and get outside.  “It’s raining.”, he whined.  “Wear a rain coat.”, I said.

“It’s cold,”  he cried.  “Walk faster, ” I said.

“My feet hurt,” he complained.  ” I’ll give you chocolate when you finish your hike,” I said, and that was enough to keep him quiet.

I know that he had fun though—the Bean was so excited about all the dead salmon that we found in the river.  Salmon that had died either after spawning or on their way to spawn.  It was the perfect opportunity for grandpa to teach the kids about his favorite subject—fish!  After a quick discussion of the salmon life cycle we kept hiking.  At the next crick crossing, we even saw a couple of salmon struggling to make their way upstream.

Grandpa was also very excited to point out all the mushrooms.  Too bad we couldn’t eat any of them.

If you are in Olympia and need some time outside, here is a map to the trail head.

Don’t let the winter weather keep you away.  The canopy keeps you fairly dry in the rainy weather.  It was about 40 degrees, gray and rainy when we were there but the parking lot was full.

Washingtonians don’t let a little wet ruin their day.  And neither should you.