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Bloggers Block.

7 Jan

This is what happens when you let your brother baby-sit.

I don’t quite understand it.  I have so much to say about our trip to Vermont, good food over the holidays and plans for the upcoming year.

But, it doesn’t seem to want to come out.

I have sat in front of the screen numerous times trying to hammer out a post only to scrap it and start another.  I have so many unfinished posts just waiting for some attention.

I am hoping this weekend will be the time for me to finish them up and get on with my blog resolutions.

Speaking of blog resolutions–here are mine:

1) I want to focus more on my blog this year.  I have been at it for a little over a year and I love doing it.  I love planning it, thinking about it and writing it.  I especially love knowing that people are reading it and love, love, love comments!

2) I am moving to a self-supported site beginning on Monday, Jan 10th.  I am excited to have a new look better organization.  I still have a bit of work to do to get it where I want it –but that will come in time. If any of you have any suggestions on creating little buttons for blogs—please let me know.  I am struggling over here.

To launch my new and improved website—I will be hosting a giveaway.  Stop by on Monday if you wanna win some cool stuff.

3) I want to write posts about health and fitness, sustainable living and family.  There will be sections on the new Forty Cakes to do just that.

4) I want to work on photography.  This was a plan for last year as well but as soon as I bought an SLR, I dropped it and broke the lens off of the body.  Tomorrow, I will send it in for repair and will begin to learn the basics of good photography.

5) I want to connect with other bloggers more.  I know there are some good ones right in my community and I want to meet them in person.  I may even try to attend one of the blogger conferences.  (Yes, this has gotten very serious.)

6) And as always, I want more readers to find Forty Cakes, like what they read and decide to keep coming back.  I plan to keep my Flikr and Facebook site updated and maybe even Twitter.  (We’ll see about that one.)

So, these are my goals and hopes for my little blog in 2011.

I have so many (non-blog related) little plans and goals for 2011.  Starting on Monday, you can check them out on my Things-I-Want-To-Do List, Places-I-Want-To-Go List, and Food-I-Want-To-Eat List.

(I feel so much better just writing this little post.  If I didn’t have so much work to do I would want to just keep writing.  Maybe later.)