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Montshire Museum, Norwich, Vermont

30 Dec

We are in Vermont–celebrating New Year’s with my in-laws.  Beautiful, snowy, quiet, and laid back Vermont.  So low-tech that I feel kind of guilty working on my blog here.  This is the kind of place you ask your neighbor for advice—not the internet.

But, we are doing so many neat things that I want to share all of our adventures.

Our first mission was the Montshire Museum —a children’s science museum in Norwich, Vermont–just across from the Connecticut river.  Everytime we are here, we visit the Montshire and the kids always love it.

This particular time was especially fun.  We had never told Grandpa and Grandma that we were coming.  Only my sister in law knew and she was able to keep it a surprise.  The plan was to surprise them all at the Montshire Museum.  This would be a real surprise as we live in Florida and we insisted we couldn’t make it this year.

We watched from the second floor windows as they were getting out of the car.  We watched from the second floor overlook as they walked in and paid.  We sent the kids downstairs to just say “Hi!” to their grandpa. The plan was to play it cool and act casual.

First the kids ran into their cousins.  One of them looked at Rosie and The Bean and said  to their dad, “That looks like the Bean and Rosie!”–their dad responded without even looking at them, “Well, it isn’t.”

I think Rosie and The Bean were a little confused about what to do next.  They just stood there.  And waited for someone to recognize them.

Grandpa walked right past them with no sign of recognition.  And they were a little afraid to approach him.

Finally, Grandpa looked long and hard at Rosie thinking, “That sure does look like my grand daughter.”  Once, he looked left and saw the Bean, he fell to his knees and started repeating, “I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it.”

It was a great moment.  Luckily, my sister in law got great video of everyone’s surprised faces.


So, the Montshire is a great place to pull off a huge family surprise, or just good place to get let kids run around and learn about science.  We have only gone in the winter but there are a bunch of neat trails that start from the grounds that would be really fun to explore in the summer.

There are all kinds of puzzles, and other hands on activities to keep young (and old) ones occupied.  The exhibits change regularly and while we were there we saw an exhibit on how toys work.  It was a great introduction to electric currents and pulleys.

One of the great things about the Montshire  is it is fairly small so, a couple of hours is the perfect amount of time to see everything.  It has never been too crowded when we have been there so we feel comfortable letting the kids roam more freely than we would at larger children’s museums.

The website for the Montshire is:

By the way, my favorite exhibit at the Montshire are the leafcutter ants….I could spend hours just looking for the queen ant and watching them break leaves into bite sized pieces and carry them back to their fungus gardens.


I love Christmas cards…….

10 Dec

and last year only received one.  I was so disappointed–my own mother didn’t even send me a Christmas card.

And, I realized that to get Christmas cards–I would need to send Christmas cards.

It’s not that I don’t want to send them out but I just have never gotten into the habit.  I don’t think I even have most of my friends real home addresses.

This year it will all change.

I am going to send out Christmas cards (before Christmas!) (I hope.)  I realize this does not give me very much time but I work best under pressure.  And the pressure is mounting.

I started looking at all of the card options on Shutterfly and there are a ton of options.

I  am having a VERY difficult time deciding.

Which one do you like best?

This one is great but all of these photos were taken last Christmas…a little dated, don’t you think?

With Love Chartreuse Christmas 5×7 folded card
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Or there is this one which is hilarious to me.The card reads, “Be Merry” but the kids couldn’t be any less Merry.  Too sarcastic?

Goody Garland Christmas 5×7 folded card
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Why can’t I decide?  This one contains photos of my nephew.  Is it weird to send Christmas cards with other people’s pictures on them?

Peppermint Bliss Christmas Card
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This one is probably my favorite because I love this photo of the kids (with Grandma and Mar Mar in NYC). And, it highlights one of the great trips of the year.

Color Me Merry Christmas Card
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But still I need help. Please help me decide.

If you have any interest in driving yourself crazy with endless options for cool holiday cards, calenders, and even holiday thank you cards. —follow these links to the Shutterfly site.

And just to let you know, even for us procrastinators, it is not too late!  And, Shutterfly will mail them out for you too….(I may have to take them up on that.)

Disclaimer:  I received a voucher for 50 free Christmas cards from Shutterfly for writing this post.  So, 50 people will be getting Christmas cards for me in my inaugural Christmas card sending year.