What is this blog about?

That is a good question.

I think I am still working on figuring that out.  It started as a way to document a cake-baking challenge—to bake 40 cakes in 40 days.  But that challenge soon became impossible as I was distracted by kids, job, running and research.  I still have it on my radar—and plan to finish my 40 Cakes by the end of this year–so it will be more like 40 Cakes in 400 days!

Once I started blogging and researching other blogs,  I realized that there are a lot of really good food/dessert/lifestyle blogs out there with some really good ideas/suggestions/recipes.  I became inspired to do what they are doing—cooking beautiful meals with healthy food.  I have never considered myself to be a good cook (a bowl of cereal sounds good to me) but decided to rise to the challenge and cook.  It also meshes well with my desire to eat healthy and local, avoid processed foods, expand my garden and reduce our spending at restaurants.  It has only been a few months and I have learned so much (and have added so many things to my “want to cook” list”).

Overtime, the blog has morphed a bit from a cake making challenge more to a “teach myself how to cook good food and delicious desserts challenge”.  with all things sweet and a few things savory.  (Don’t worry, I will fit those 40 cakes in before the end of the year.)

So join my in my adventures to learn to cook everything–from all things sweet to all things savory.   It will be fun!

p.s. Feel free to comment on any post.  I love reading your comments.


One Response to “About”

  1. cho November 17, 2009 at 4:59 am #

    I liked your vegan chocolate cake you used to make in the Alabama house. It was one of the best chocolate cakes I’ve had.

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