Quilted Advent Calender

1 Dec

(Okay, before I even write this post I have to tell you about the horrible thing that happened on our quick trip to Seattle.  As I was waiting for my rental car, I had my purse perilously perched on my suitcase.  One second later, it crashed to the ground.  I didn’t think anything of it at the time—I drop my purse all the time.  Later, I remembered that my brand new camera was in that purse without any protection.  I was scared to open the bag.  And, cried when I did—-my brand new camera lens had broken off the body and was completely ruined! So, not only did I break my brand new toy—I had nothing except an iphone to document our vacation to Seattle.  What a bummer!)

Anyway this post is not about broken cameras or trips to Seattle—-it is about my love for the holidays.  Especially Christmas.

Last week when everyone was doing their Thanksgiving stuff–I was thinking and planning and scheming for Christmas.  And, this advent calender is part of that plan.

You see, I wanted an advent calender that I could fill up myself.  Not one of those cardboard ones with the gross chocolate inside.  I wanted one that I could fill with good candy, small toys and little envelopes announcing some new Christmas activity for the day.  I want the build up to the big day.  Luckily, I was visiting Grandpa (my dad) and Grandma Debbie.

I do not sew.  I am actually kind of scared of the sewing machine.  However,  I mentioned to Grandma Debbie that I wanted  a quilted advent calender and she worked super hard to make sure we had one to take home with us.

Grandma Debbie sews all the time–she has multiple machines and a whole room filled with materials, scissors and other things that come in handy when you want to make a quilt on the spot.  She has awards for quilts she has made and she even teaches classes.  She knows her stuff.  And, she likes it. (It amazes me that we did not need to run to the store for anything to make this quilt.  We used whatever she had in her sewing room—she just happened to have a lot!)

We found a pattern on SewMamaSew.com and got to work.  It might hard to tell from the photos but each little square is a pocket that can be filled.  Today, I put in some chocolate covered frogs I secretly bought at the Harry Potter Exhibition.  I need to figure out what will go in the other pockets.  Some days will be a note like, “Let’s walk to see all the Christmas lights in the neighborhood.”  Another might be, ” Let’s decorate sugar cookies.” or ” Go Ice Skating.”

Debbie did all the work.  I just checked in every once in awhile to make sure she wasn’t getting lonely.  She worked into the wee hours of the night and completed the quilt just before we were to leave.

It turned out so well.  The colors are perfect and it is so well made.  I can’t wait to fill it up with goodies………


One Response to “Quilted Advent Calender”

  1. Debbie Gore December 1, 2010 at 8:51 pm #

    It was my pleasure to make this for Karla’s family and enjoyed everyone getting involved in the process!! Little Nova was sitting in my sewing room watching it all come together. She was amazed. I hope it will bring joy for years to come!! Please include a day where the kids get to call grandpa’s and grandma’s as that would be great!!!

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