Bakery Review: Crumbs-NYC

13 Nov

I was so excited to go to NYC to run the marathon.  Not for the experience of running through all five burroughs of the city.  Not for the whole “I set a goal and I accomplished it” feeling.  No, I was looking forward to running the marathon so that I could eat cupcakes in the city.  With no shame or regret.  I wanted to run 26.2 miles so that I could eat 26.2 cupcakes.  So, I ran.  And, I ate.

However, no where near the amount of cupcakes I wanted to sample.

Really, we only had cupcakes twice.  Burgers&Cupcakes was our first stop.  And, as you may remember from this review—they were not good.  Really, at all.

Crumbs, was an entirely different story.

Look at this display case.  (Pardon the photos–at this point I hadn’t purchased my fancy SLR and had to use the camera on my iphone.)

The case was overwhelming with deliciousness.  Almost too overwhelming.  Of course, my little one shrieked with delight with the “Pinkalicious” cupcake.  And the boys were torn between various over the top cupcakes.

I had to make the executive decision.  We were going simple (and slighter less expensive).  Afterall, it was only 10:00 am.  We ordered an assortment of the basic cupcakes–chocolate/vanilla, vanilla/vanilla, vanilla/lemon, chocolate/chocolate, and chocolate/chocolate with sprinkles.

I figured the basic cupcake would give us a true representation of whether or not these were good cupcakes or just cupcakes with lots of stuff on them.

Oh. My. God.

These were the best cupcakes ever.

I can’t explain why but they were 1000 times better than those had a burgers&cupcakes and at least 10 times better than those from Cakes by Ron.

Can someone please help me understand this.  What is their secret?

My sister who hadn’t ordered herself one was very sad when she was forced to lick the cupcake wrapper for more crumbs. (She is usually 100 times prettier than this picture portrays but she had been overtaken by a insatiable urge for these crumbs and became possessed. Sorry you have to see her like this.)

A couple of other things—when we arrived there was no one there.  Not usually a good sign for a cupcake shop in the city but it was 10:00 am–and it was perfect for us.  A bunch of excited kids screaming and constantly changing their minds–my mom was the only one holding it together.   The counter staff was really patient–allowing the kids us to change their minds many, many times.

I know that I needed to go to other cupcakeries while in the city but we didn’t get to them—and I am not sorry.  Crumbs is good enough for me!

And, there are locations all throughout NYC, NJ, California—look here for locations.

You gotta get there!


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