New York City: Recap

11 Nov

As I suspected might happen, we were having way too much fun to keep posting each and everyday from NYC.

Enjoy these photos of the kids in the city…….we had a great time and I think NYC is the perfect place for kids to go when they are young.  It is so diverse, exciting and a fabulous walking city.  We walked miles and miles each day and the kids never complained–there was always so much to see.

We were the most colorful family in the city!

The theme of our trip was hot chocolate, cupcakes and pizza.  Everyday, we had at least one of these things–usually all three.

Doesn't everyone let their children explore Times Square alone?

Hot Chocolate, cupcakes, pizza and WALKING.  We did a lot of walking (and I did a lot of running….)  The kids also really wanted to stay ahead of us—I think the energy of the city was as exciting to them as it was to us.

After seeing West Side Story, the kids were fascinated with performing on Broadway someday…..and seeing their name in lights.


Waiting for their 15 seconds of fame (and panhandling at the same time).
The kids on a Times Square billboard.

Times Square with Tiffany (my sister).

Stay tuned for a report from the marathon, reviews of the hotel, reviews of Crumbs, delicious Indian Food, a New york tour book and more……..(oh yeah, I do have a recipe or two to post soon).  Busy busy!


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