Meet: Maggie and Sushi

3 Nov

I was looking through some old photos and I realized that I don’t think I ever officially introduced our dogs to you.

Meet Maggie:

She is a sweet,  GIANT dog–a full Great Dane that I bought myself as a graduation present from grad school.  She is very needy and really thinks she is a lap dog.

She likes to take a quick dip in the pool when no one is looking.  I think she lays out on the pool chairs when we aren’t home.  She is glamorous like that.

When she was a baby, she had the hardest time trying to hop up on the couch.  Now she just walks right over it.

About four months ago, we decided to add another dog to our family—and Maggie couldn’t be happier.

Meet Sushi:

She is the most perfect dog.  For a long time, we thought maybe there was something wrong with her as she is the most mellow puppy you have ever seen.  Even at three months old, she was so very eager to please and would just lie around and be mellow.

We were told she is a retriever-mix (rescue dog  from the Honor Sanctuary located in Sarasota) and many people tell us she looks like a Rhodesian Ridgeback without the ridge. She likes to chase lizards.

Maggie and Sushi love each other.

And we love them.


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