Bakery Review: Cakes by Ron (and a giveaway)!

1 Nov

It turns out lots of people visit Sarasota.  The beaches and the surrounding villages make prime tourist destinations.  Lots of European visitors spend their winter here and of course, the Northerners come down in the winter too.  I didn’t know any of this before we moved here.

You may be wondering how that fits into a review of a place called, “Cakes by Ron”.

Well, I figure that most people, for some reason or another, will end up in Sarasota–to  visit the beach,  their German grandparents, or to play in a ultimate Frisbee national tournament—and while you are here, you may as well have a place in mind where you can get a good cupcake.

Which is where “Cakes by Ron” comes in.  “Cakes by Ron” is located on Fruitville Ave (where it intersects with Beneva) and surrounded by a bunch of wedding type places (like a florist and a caterer)–it is one-stop-wedding planner shopping.  It is the kind of area that if you are not planning a wedding–you may not think twice about.

Unless you are obsessed with cakes.

I stopped by Cakes by Ron the other day to check out their display case, which I was told was “filled with cupcakes everyday.”

I was so impressed that I had to buy four just to sample them to see if they were as good as they looked.

I selected vanilla, Boston creme, pumpkin and apple.

Aren’t they pretty?

We split them into quarters and each sampled each cupcake.

The verdict?

Definitely worth the three dollars—it was a perfect afternoon treat for all of us.

The best?

My favorite was the vanilla with vanilla frosting–which is odd for me, usually I want chocolate.  The apple was so tasty too–but it was bright green which threw me off a bit.

Aaron voted  for the Boson Creme Pie–with the creamy vanilla filling.  The pumpkin was great too with candied ginger sprinkled around the top—but its seasonal, so not always available.

Although there are other cupcakes places around Sarasota, “Cakes by Ron” gets my vote for delivering  the best cake and delicious frosting.  I want to try all of their flavors!

And, for any of you readers who happen to be in Sarasota, send me a comment stating what your favorite kind of cupcake —and I will give one lucky winner a coupon to get a free cupcake at “Cakes by Ron”!

Your chances are great so submit a comment now!


5 Responses to “Bakery Review: Cakes by Ron (and a giveaway)!”

  1. kellie November 2, 2010 at 7:06 am #

    Have you tried Cupcakes a-go go? And Heavenly cupcakes? It’s funny because all the cupcake places in Sarasota have their own character. You can probably tell a lot about a person by which cupcake place they prefer. Like you, you’re fancy and rich because you like Ron’s cupcakes. Or dense and sweet?

    Anywho, my favorite flavor at Ron’s are the chocolate-y ones with stuff in the middle. But for awhile I was addicted to Christine Nordstrom’s Wired Whisk Bakehouse cupcakes, particularly the Elvis flavor– peanut butter and banana. Her location closed, but she still does special orders from her website. I’ve also swooned over Cupcake a-Go Go’s vanilla on vanilla. The frosting tastes like marshmallow! Personality judgement based on cupcake preference: indiscriminate and easy. A cupcake slut, in fact.

    Great post! Can you also review pastries?

    • Karla November 2, 2010 at 9:16 am #

      I have tried Heavenly and Cupcakes a Go Go but they are so far south that I never get down that way—- maybe I should try again. Let’s go together for a cupcake sampling day!

      • madge November 14, 2010 at 7:06 am #

        I have tried all of them and Cakes by Ron is the winner. I love his rendition of the hostess cupcake chocolate with the vanilla cream in the middle and the chocolate icing its fantastic. Plus for the price you get a good size cupcake that tastes awesome.

  2. Srq Girl November 14, 2010 at 10:20 pm #

    Worst Cakes Ever and Worst Cupcakes! they look like cupcakes on hormones! This bakery should work on their customer service skills and do something about their poor&rude attitudes. It definetely reflects on their looks and flavors and being that they are known for being overpriced ! it does not help matters any!!!! their cakes are dry and the cheap ingredients are written all over them! would not recommend them at all. There are plenty of other bakeries in town and if no other can meet your expectations, go to Morton’s Market. They always bake fresh , with good ingredients and their cakes and pastries are to die for… you can tell their staff actually enjoy baking. LOL.. (hoping they read this comments so it can help them improve their service and flavor)


  1. Bakery Review: Crumbs-NYC « forty cakes - November 13, 2010

    […] I can’t explain why but they were 1000 times better than those had a burgers&cupcakes and at least 10 times better than those from Cakes by Ron. […]

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