A plea to vote for me!

19 Oct


So, I entered another one of those little contests…..this time, I got a few samples of dried mushrooms in the mail and was directed to make something fabulous and blog about it.  So, I did.  Did you see the recipe for the wild mushroom risotto?  Take a look—  It was super tasty.

Anyway, I am asking (no, begging) for your help to win the most votes in the mushroom challenge.  You see, the winner get THREE shipments of fresh mushrooms and I really want to be that winner.  (I have stopped thinking about ever winning money– a bunch of mushrooms will suit me  just fine.)

And, if I do win–to thank you all for your support, I will share my mushroom booty with you all!  So, please click here.  And, vote for fortycakes. Tell your friends, tell your family!

Also, on the mushroom challenge website, you will find a random drawing for a bunch of fresh truffles….you could be the winner.

Voting closes Friday at midnight and only one vote per person is allowed.

Thanks for your support!




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