Mr. Snowman Goes to DisneyWorld

10 Oct

My husband is so busy.  I mean, stressed out to the absolute extreme.  So, sometimes to get out of his hair–the kids and I make little trips out of town.  The kids love to spend time alone with me and I love to not think about cleaning the house and have time to really focus on the kids.  And, he loves it because he can focus on his work with no guilt.


Don't worry--he's acting!


Two weekends ago– a lone weekend with no birthday party plans or athletic events, we decided to head over to Disneyworld.  Since we moved to Florida, we have been many, many times—so many, in fact that the kids don’t really care about the parks much anymore.

This time, we splurged on separate park tickets to “Mickey’s Not So-Scary Halloween Party.”  You might be thinking that it is too early to be thinking about Halloween–in early September–but I have been anxious for fall.

If you haven’t gone, I highly recommend it.  With the purchase of a separate ticket, you are allowed into the Magic Kingdom from 4 pm-midnight on select nights in September and October.  Everyone is given a wrist band and a candy collection bag.  Throughout the park are trick-or-treat sites and lots of candy is given out.  There is a great parade with the headless horseman riding through the streets, grave diggers dancing with shovels, and of course, Mickey and the other characters.  We missed the firework show but I’ve heard it is really good too.  Another perk–no lines!  We were able to ride over and over (without getting off) Buzz Light Year, Winnie the Pooh and Snow White–which are rides we usually avoid due to the long lines.

Making the trip even more special, we took along an old friend of mine.

Meet Mr.  Snowman:


Mr. Snowman jumped in the river for a quick swim


A long time ago, I lived in Japan.  I taught English.  I loved it–everything about it, my students, the culture, the food.  However, I had to leave and decided to move to Hawaii (there were some other steps in between that aren’t important).  While I was living in Hawaii I would get letters from one of my students, Takashi Yamaguchi (a kind of eccentric science-y type) and one day I received a package with Mr. Snowman and a short letter.  The letter said something like,

“I am Snowman and I have never seen the ocean.  I have never been to Hawaii–please take me to the beach and show me all the beauty of Hawaii.”

So, I did.

I took photos of me and Mr. Snowman hanging at the beach, sipping mai-tais, relaxing in the sun.  Snowman got to see all the sites—Sandy Beach, the Blowhole and the North Shore.  It was a lot of fun.

I never sent those pictures to Takashi.  I bet I could find them though if I looked hard enough.


Mr. Snowman meets a bunny!


ANYWAY—-My little Bean was really upset that his name was not selected to take home Pops (a puppet in his class that goes home with one lucky child on the weekend).  He, who never ever cries, came running out of the classroom in tears when he found out that Pops was not coming to Disneyworld with us.   So, I suggested we take Mr. Snowman.  He had never been to Disneyworld before and he would love it.

Please enjoy Snowman’s Adventures at Disneyworld—a photo essay:


Mr. Snowman in the Car on the way to Disneyworld. He got to ride in the cup-holder. Lucky!


We stayed at the Disney Wilderness Lodge.  Mr. Snowman felt right at home with the log buildings, the evergreen trees and the cool mountain streams.


He even got to say hello to an old friend from the cold country.




Mr. Snowman's view from his room---"Ahh the fresh mountain air!"



Mr. Snowman and friends were not that impressed with the interior of the rooms--pretty basic.



Why do hotels use those horrible bed coverings? They feel awful and look dumpy.



Mr. Snowman did think the bed was nice and comfy!



Mr. Snowman, the Bean and the Waiter pose for a shot. What a fun lunch!



Mr. Snowman loved the Dumbo ride! Look at his smile--he is having the time of his life.



"This is so fun! Let's go again and again." said Mr. Snowman



"I am feeling kind of queasy....", said Mr. Snowman



"Maybe a nice soak in the hot tub would sooth your stomach", we suggested. Mr. Snowman really liked that.



We decided to tour the sights of the hotel. We saw the geyser.......



and the waterfall...



and relaxed by the huge fireplace in the lobby.



After a day of exploring and playing on the water slides, Mr. Snowman and friends were hungry!



Mr. Snowman chose a giant cupcake for his lunch. In his world, cupcakes are a healthy choice for lunch.



He loved it and ate it all by himself...(well, maybe we helped a little). He had a great time!



Mr. Snowman loved the Wilderness Lodge and can't wait to go back....



his friends loved the lodge too. However, now they want to take Mr. Snowman to see the real Pacific Northwest.



Stay tuned for more adventures with Mr. Snowman and friends!



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