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I’ve missed you so much.

13 May

Dear Blog,

I was thinking about you today.  I would look at a stack of papers on my desk and a little voice would sound in my head, ” What about fortycakes?” I tried to ignore it or push it to the side, but it didn’t work.  The thoughts kept creeping in and I couldn’t handle it anymore.   

The day was very blah to begin with.  Nothing exciting on the to-do list, a blah and un-inspiring performance review, and even a blah and slightly off-tasting lunch.  Little blog, I know we all have days like this –but mine are coming more and more regularly.  I begin to daydream about quitting my job and going off and pursuing something more romantic, like the Modern Domestic (you know, that other blog I spend so much time with).  Even then, I have problems with focus….do I want to write? cook? write about cooking?  write about art? write about travel?  or saving the environment? I can’t narrow it down.  I do realize that I like to write.  I like to research.  I like to know a little bit about a lot of different things. 

I like to write.   

But how do I even begin?  That is where you come in–little blog.  Not only have you gotten me in the kitchen researching the best recipes for vanilla cupcakes, making food that I won’t even attempt to eat and learning special little chef tricks; you have gotten me to write about these adventures.  They say the best way to become a writer is to write, right?  I have decided, little blog, that I need you more than you need me.  Your stats have actually been doing quite well without new posts and you have even received a few comments.  I, on the other hand, have resorted to cooking my family, “Indian Food From A Box”, and buying a pie from Whole Foods.  All the while wondering what was missing in my life…and now I know.  I missed you, dear blog.  I missed your heart-to-keyboard discussions, and your non-judging looks when I sampled another cookie.  I missed your spell check and your photo editing capabilities……I was wrong to have left you for so long and I apologize.  I want you back and I will never leave you again (at least not without good reason).  

Please take me back.  I will make you something extra special……