Does your husband read your blog?

5 Mar

This is not my husband...but I bet he would read my blog.

Just curious.  You see, the other day, when I posted about the Momofuku Compost Cookies that I had found on Amateur Gourmet, I linked to the AG site…and Adam Roberts (the AG) twittered about my blog post.  (Wow! I can’t believe that I used all of these hip words in one sentence.  I should have also mentioned, in an effort to sound really cool, that I found out about this while checking out my blog stats on my iphone.) 

I said to my husband, “I’ve had like, 200 blog hits today!”  He said, “Huh.” 

A few hours later, I bought it up again. 

I said, “You know, maybe you could make a really cool blog layout for me.  So, people come and check out the blog and they will want to comment/subscribe/etc.”   “Uh-huh”, he said.

  A few hours after that, I said, “Have you ever even looked at my blog? and he immediately responded with, “No, of course not.  I don’t care about cakes so why would I read a blog about them.” 


That really hurt.  He doesn’t care about cakes!!??? What about other sweets?  Brownies!? Cookies?  Did I miss something?  Did he fake his love for sugar when we first met?  I don’t know if I can live any longer with a man who doesn’t care about the things in the world that are most important to me**—cakes, cupcakes, cookies and pies!  I just can’t handle it.   I need some emotional support and if he doesn’t love cake as much as I do—it just can’t work.  I can’t imagine telling my family about his lack of interest of the dessert world.  I am so ashamed.  (Oh, and while I am in full venting mode here, I should mention that while he says he doesn’t CARE about these things, he has no problem SCARFING them down when they are placed in front of him.) 

Maybe I should feel embarrassed about airing our dirty laundry like this in a public (although not wildly successful) blog—but I don’t.  He’ll never read it anyways….

Do your partner/sibling/parent/friends read your blog? 

** Of course, I care about my kids more than some desserts.  I just needed some dramatic effect.


One Response to “Does your husband read your blog?”

  1. Rina March 5, 2010 at 9:59 pm #

    Interesting fun to read. I see a book coming. Cup cakes and cakes yes my favorite food It could be good for you right carrot cup cakes apple cup cakes It goes on and on enjoy 🙂

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