Lucky Peach! The best cookies ever……

2 Mar

 Just the other day, on the Amateur Gourmet, I saw a recipe for the Momofuku Milk Bar Compost Cookie……..and while I have heard a lot about Momofuku, and have even contemplated splurging on the cookbook, I felt that I couldn’t truly understand the attraction because I don’t live in New York City and even if I did (oh, I hope to someday), I wouldn’t be hip enough to go there.  

I make a lot of cookies, especially ones with chocolate chips in them, and these were so different in the process, that I began to get a bit excited.  What was all that mixing going to do to the consistency?  potato chips and pretzels?  Huge ice cream scoops full of dough? 

I have to say that these cookies were the best I have EVER made.  They are beautiful.  Perfectly sized (for a giant), round, nice crackle-ly surface.  And they taste awesome!  The potato chip/pretzel does not really stand out, but the salt adds such a flavor dimension that most cookies don’t have. 

Here is the recipe I followed from Amateur Gourmet.  However, I was a bit scared of all the salt so I only used 1.5 tsp of Kosher salt, and only 1 cup of potato chip/pretzel combination.  Next time, I will add more pretzels and will use bittersweet chips instead of semi-sweet…but that is just a personal preference.


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