Get A Card—Have you all seen this?

2 Feb

Somehow, I stumbled upon this website and I just think this is a great idea……I love these bars, and I love this new marketing campaign.  I haven’t acutally seen it in action but I would be so excited to be the reciever of a Kind Card or even a giver…..(Maybe even more so the giver–but I imagine in certain situations it would require a lot of explanation. 

Old Lady: “Thanks for helping me across the street.,

Me:  Your welcome, and here is a Kind Card.,

Old Lady: A What?,

Me: A Kind Card, you go online and check out all the other nice things people have expereinced, and you know, pay-it-forward?,

Old Lady:  Online? Pay-it Forward?  Do you need some money, honey? Is this a sales pitch? I don’t want to buy anything….

Me: No, its a fruit and nut bar, and you have this card and you go on the internet, and you try to do nice things and then you….oh, nevermind………

  Anyway, I am going to print me up one of these cards and have it on hand to do a “random act of kindness”—maybe you should to?  Check out:  Get A Card |

Have you already been hit with a Kind Card?  I’m curious about that too.


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