27 Oct

I had a busy week.  Saturday consisted of an 18 mile run, soccer practice for both kids, packing for a weekend trip, ballet rehearsal, and then a three and a half hour drive—followed by heated heart-to-heart talks with my sister and mom.  Sunday was yoga, lunch, my super-talented nephew’s play and another 3 ½ hour drive home.

Definitely not the kind of week that you decide to write a blog, especially the type of blog that requires doing something (like baking cakes).  So as you may guessed—I did not make a cake last week. 

However, I did want to report some feedback on my little blog project.  My sister said, “You are writing about cake??” with a perplexed look on her face.  (I guess I can understand her confusion as cake seems so unimportant given the magnitude of what she is dealing with.)  My mom said, “What is a blog?” My husband said, “Do you really think anyone will read it?” but the best came from my dad who said, “Good Luck with the project kiddo…and ask your mom about those fruitcakes she made with Mrs. McKinney.  Those were really good and they took about two weeks to make.  You should make those.”  My first real cake related advice/suggestion!  So, as you may guess, I am on a mission to find that special fruitcake recipe, for my dad, and just in time for the holidays—so many others may get to sample them as well.  YUM!

In the world of cakes (and other yummy sweets), I went to a yoga class at the Soma Center in Lake Worth, FL.  The yoga class was awesome and taught by my sister…and afterward she bought me some great Soma cookies—which contain regular cookie ingredients, plus carrots, oats (maybe), and just the right amount of chocolate chips.  I have to get that recipe or just experiment until I can get it right. 

We also stopped at Cracker Barrel for dinner and had some chocolate coca-cola cake.  While the cake was nothing special…..the speed at which the kids ate the thing was something to see.  I gave everyone a spoon and put the plate in the middle TO SHARE.  I guess my son didn’t quite get the concept.  He was on a mission to eat as much of that cake as he could—and as fast and as messy as possible.  Too bad I didn’t have a camera.

 In other very important cake news, I’ve been asked to make a cake for the soccer team fundraiser cakewalk on Halloween.  Yeah! I love cakewalks and I love that it doesn’t have to be store bought.  I remember winning a cake in a 4th grade cakewalk—and thinking it was so amazing that I got to take home the WHOLE CAKE.

 I’ve got to think of something good.


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